Information about diving:

Daily routine: Usually we meet at 9 am (with some variations due to tide schedule). The boat ride to the local dive sites takes between 10 and 25 minutes, the ‚special destinations’ are a bit farther away (Tumbatu, Leons Wall, Leven Bank each approx.  1h, Mnemba about 90 minutes). We spend the surface interval on board where you will be served fresh fruits, biscuits and water while the boat moves on to the next dive site. After 2 dives we return from the local dive sites around 1pm and from the farther ‚Special Destinations’ between 2 pm and 3:30 pm. Additional afternoon dives are subject to demand and require a minimum of 4 divers. Night dives can be done almost any day.

Home riff: There is a possibility to dive from shore. However, due to heavy boat traffic and relatively unspectacular sea life we only make some training dives during day time. At night, the reef ‚springs to life’ with a lot of interesting creatures (e.g. moray eels, rays, different crabs and snails, cuttle fish/sepia, octopus; frequently you will also see spanish dancer and if you are lucky even a guitar shark).

Group size: Our boat carries a maximum of 12 guests plus crew. All dives are guided by experienced Dive Masters/Instructors with a maximum group size of 4 to 6 divers and we try to arrange the groups according to experience of the divers.

Dive time limit: 50 bar, 60 minutes or no decompression limit (whatever comes first)

Nitrox: sorry, not available

Equipment: We have a wide variety of BCDs and wet suits (2,5; 3 and some 5 mm) on stock from kids-sizes up to XXL as well as regulators. As a matter of course you may also bring your own equipment. We will clean it after your dives, store it in our shop and prepare the tanks for your next day of diving.

Cylinders: 12 liter (Aluminium and steel) as well as 2 x 15 liter. Valves fit for DIN and INT (no adapter needed!)

Water temperature: Minimum in July/August  lies around 25/26° C, maximum temperature will be reached during February/March at 28/29° C

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